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Photo: a child handling a museum artefact at a tableLearning is at the heart of your mission; and the educational publishing and strategy experience we have at Oriel Square will help you deliver. We are specialists in the publication of educational resources (print, digital or combinations of the two) and through our associates we deliver educational events (for professional development or members of the public). From customer insight and strategy, through identifying the opportunity, researching, developing the concept then commissioning and development, on to a product ready to go to press, go live, or go on stage, our experienced creative team will be working for you at every step.
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From our first meeting, you’ll see the impact we make. John and Sam have between them almost four decades of experience in the schools educational publishing market, with leadership roles in a range of education companies, from digital startups to market leaders, and have helped small educational organisations find their voice through professional published resources.

Find out more about our directors and our partners or read on to see how our publishing model will work for you.

Oriel Square’s three-phase model of publishing

Oriel Square looks at publishing in three phases, and we’re here to help with any or all. We will usually get involved at Phase 1 as an extra mind and voice in strategy, or in Phase 2 to research and commission pieces of publishing.
Phase 1: Analysis and strategy
Phase 1: Analysis and strategy

We will work with you or your senior team to identify and develop opportunities. Typically, you will approach us with:

  • a one-line publishing or engagement idea
  • a need for research: for example, there’s a policy announcement or a new project that presents a chance for engagement.
  • an idea that’s had more work, but could do with a revamp; or it’s never quite got off the ground

Typically, at the end of Phase 1, we will deliver publishing proposals with their business case; or the business case against, with recommendations for anything you might look at next.

Phase 1 might be as far as you want our help. But we are ready to take proposals through to Phase 2.
Phase 2: Research and commissioning
Phase 2: Research and commissioning

We will take proposals and rigorously research them for commissioning. Throughout the research and pre-production phases, we will provide you with the reports you need so that you can incorporate our data into your approval documents or systems. We will work with the right people in your team to make the transfer of our data into your business documents and systems as straightforward as possible.

We will tailor reports and presentations for the different audiences you have (publishing board, marketing, sales team, brand committees, external parties).

You may have in-house teams or preferred partners ready to take the commissioned piece to publication; alternatively, at this stage we can commit to timescales and budgets for Phase 3.
Phase 3: Production
Phase 3: Production

We can handle all aspects of production, design and delivery, including printing and delivery, publishing online and event management. Throughout these stages, we will provide:

  • regular schedule updates
  • cost updates (where relevant)
  • marketing, sales and other abstracts and samples as agreed.

We will deliver files in the format you need for press or digital launch. We will work either with our digital partners or yours to populate your online platform, and can work with your own set design, stage management or venue team or our associates to produce live work.

Working with partner teams


Through our trusted publishing partners we can provide a full publishing service, whether that includes market research, digital development, design and page make-up or any other part of a publishing project. Alternatively, if you already have established partners for some aspects of product development – we will work with them as you would, to get the best outcomes.


Where you have in-house specialists and teams, we will make contact as early as possible to ensure that we have excellent communication, and that there is full visibility of time and resource dependency.

We lend you capacity

  • No more missed opportunities – we can take you from a line in a cost sheet to live, and we can pick up a project when you need internal resource elsewhere.
  • Predictable costs and schedules – including staged delivery to fit your processes.
  • Project oversight – with documents you can share with confidence internally.


When to talk to us

Whenever you like! We are education colleagues with publishing expertise. We want to talk to you about your objectives, budgets and timescales. We will help you design product features so that your publishing is credible and hits the biggest needs of your target market.

  • Get thought and advice from us at any phase of commissioning and publishing.
  • Discuss your projects and engagement activities, and find out how our publishing expertise can help support your mission.
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