Autumn Newsletter

Oriel Square | Autumn Term 2019

Season’s greetings from Oriel Square! 

Here at Oriel Square, we pride ourselves on being immersed in all things education, and as the year comes to a close, we’ve been busy thinking about how we can share our insights. We rarely get to shout about our achievements, so we’re taking the opportunity to share some of the things we’ve been working on in 2019. 

Here’s what you can expect…

  • Key findings from top researchers – let us do the legwork for you! In each newsletter, we bring you a helpful digest of our latest public research work.
  • What’s happening now – insights from experts on the latest trends, updates and conversations in education (and where to find them).
  • The places to be – where we’ll be and what we’re up to in the coming term.

How can we help you?

Oriel Square’s thought leadership and strategy consultancy stem from our passion for education and educational publishing, and inform our packaging services. We will research and develop your concepts into proposals, and carry proposals through to publication. As well as offering strategy consultancy and mentoring, we provide in-house, bespoke training courses to meet the needs of educational publishers, whatever their contexts and requirements. Get in touch to see the impact Oriel Square can have.

What’s new? 

We are continuing to build our capacity and experience in publishing and editorial services for educational publishers and content providers. We embrace challenging projects, whether that means an incredibly tight timescale, first-time endorsement for a new specification, or just the always-demanding job of publishing educational materials into the competitive UK and international markets.

Our team continues to grow: this month we welcomed Liz Cremona-Howard to our in-house editorial management team. Liz brings us oodles of primary literacy and maths editorial and publishing experience. And as always, we will recruit the best specialist freelance educational professionals for your project from our unparalleled network to make sure each bespoke Oriel Square team is the very best for the job in hand.

Keira has made the move to educational publishing after working in schools in China and London, and studying for an MA in Contemporary Literature in the Netherlands. 

Liz has ten years’ experience in educational publishing, working most recently as an editor and publisher for Pearson, and has led several complex print and digital projects.

What does Ofsted’s new Inspection Framework mean for schools?

After discussion and revision this spring, Ofsted’s new Inspection Framework came into force from September 2019. John was invited by Kognity to write a guest blog post sharing our insights. He takes a look at what has motivated two of the major changes: how inspectors will use schools’ data, and what they will be looking for in terms of ‘Quality of Education’. He also shares his thoughts on what the new Inspection Framework means for schools in practice. Read John’s post here.

Education Insights from Cambridge

If, like us, you take an interest in international education policy, you may have seen the latest insight report from Cambridge University Press – ‘Preparing learners fairly for the future’ – produced by Oriel Square. The report holds key findings for anyone interested in the future of education around the world – so all of us!

Accelerating globalisation and advances in technology chart a new landscape for the learners and problem-solvers of the future.

Responding to shifts in global education needs, CUP teamed up with Oriel Square to investigate some of the challenges facing education in a globalised, digitised world. 

What will educating for the future look like?

  • Teaching globally transferable skills, as well as understanding and adapting to different cultures and outlooks;
  • building core life skills in education, giving learners the skills they need to succeed in a changing world;
  • boosting digital literacy and teaching skills to complement technology so that learners can be safe and confident in the digital world;
  • creating a culture of lifelong learning through encouraging curiosity and a passion for learning; 
  • shaking things up – challenging norms, changing habits and investing in resources to reach gender equality in and beyond the classroom; 
  • celebrating difference, respecting individuality, fostering creativity and promoting empathy in student-led, collaborative classrooms;
  • giving learners the mental strength, health and agility to thrive in a challenging and ever-evolving work landscape.

Read the full report here.

Where you’ll find us this winter

We will be zipping about the country (as well as jet-setting further afield) to keep in touch with this term’s top education topics. 

Some of the events we will be at in the coming months: 

29th November – UCL Educate Demo Day, City Hall, London

5th December – BESA school procurement research seminar, BESA, London

18th December – EdTech Exchange’s Winter Networking Reception, London 

20th January – Mindfulness online workshop with BookMachine

22nd–25th January – Bett and the Education Show, ExCeL London

25th–27th February – GESS Dubai education conference and exhibition, Dubai, UAE 

That’s it for this term. Thank you for reading and best wishes for Christmas and the new year. 

We would love to hear from you, so do get in touch if you think Oriel Square could help your business grow, or if you would like to find out more. We look forward to hearing from you in 2020!