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Here at Oriel Square, we are immersed in education policy, in new developments in pedagogy and technology, and in what teachers, learners and parents want from their resources and services.

Like you, we follow and contribute to the conversation. Our blog brings you insights, data digests and top tips from industry experts, helping you to stay connected. 

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Research digest – let us do the legwork for you!

What’s happening now – insights from experts on the latest trends, updates and conversations in education.

Online resources for education and other campaigns we’re supporting – and how you can too! 

Top tips from our working practices – and how you can make them work for your team.

The places to be – reflections and key takeaways from events we’ve attended.

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About us

Oriel Square is a trusted publishing partner to the most successful education companies in the world. We can work for you in all the key areas of content development, using market and policy expertise to deliver high-quality, effective digital and print publishing throughout school-age education.