Publishing Team Piece

Reading tips

1. Read what you want

Whether it’s short stories or a novel, reading should be whatever you enjoy. It doesn’t matter what you read, reading what you enjoy is a great start. If a book doesn’t entice you, it’s okay. Keep trying until you find a genre that you enjoy.

2. Get comfortable

Finding the perfect reading spot, with the right lighting (and snacks!) is a sure-fire way to make reading a relaxing and peaceful pastime. Our favourites include a park bench, a cosy window seat, the bath or in bed!

3. It’s okay to put a book down

It’s fine to admit a book isn’t for you. If you find yourself not enjoying something, forcing yourself to finish it will only discourage you from reading. Take the time to find a book that’s right for you!

4. Take time

If you find yourself in a reading slump, starting up again can be daunting. Try easing yourself back in with a poem or short story. There’s is no rush to finish a book, take it at your own pace.

5. Keep an open mind

Don’t be dismissive of a particular genre or reading level. Something you haven’t tried before or never even considered could be exactly what you’ve been looking for. It could even end up being your new favourite book!