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Get ready for Bett 2023 

Read our top tips for getting the most out of Bett 2023.

Bett 2023 is coming up and we’re excited to hear about the latest innovations in education technology. To help you prepare, we’ve put together our top tips for getting the most out of the event, a summary of what’s new at Bett 2023, and our top picks of the talks from across the event. 

Our team is excited to be going to Bett 2023 and we look forward to meeting some of you there. If you’ll be there too, get in touch to set up a meeting.

Top picks of the talks 

Wednesday 29th March

The Ministry of Education of the UAE presents their vision and strategy for the future of technology in education. The talk will introduce suppliers to the key trends in EdTech in the UAE.  

Thursday 30th March 

Join representatives from BESA and Naace as they explore the latest BESA ICT in Schools research. This research canvasses the views of school leaders on the procurement and use of EdTech in order to support schools to develop informed digital strategies.

Join this panel discussion about equity, inclusion, and how technology in the classroom can positively change the learning experience for every person in the school community. The discussion will centre around neurodivergence, socioeconomic factors, and how powerful learning tools can empower students.

Understand why and how EdTech can enhance a whole-school approach to wellbeing. Look at the current data on young people’s mental health and how to develop preventative and early helps systems.

Friday 31st March  

Find out how virtual and augmented reality is currently being used in colleges in the UK and understand the challenges and opportunities that come with using this technology.

Explore how to adopt creative practices and why creativity is key to transforming learning across schools. 

Discover how two specialist colleges for disabled students are collaborating to merge assistive and digital technologies for personalised learning. 

Trends to look out for 

  • More accessible EdTech: Making digital educational resources more accessible is a priority as they become more widely used.
  • Digital assessment: As we previously explored on our blog, there has been growth in creating and refining digital assessments.
  • A focus on mental health: Technology that addresses student wellbeing and mental health is high on the agenda. 
  • Student data: We’ll be looking out for developments in capturing and making the most of education data to improve outcomes. 

What’s different at Bett 2023? 

Bett has launched Connect @ Bett this year, a new technology which will allow for easier and more meaningful conversations, helping educators, learners and organisations to create stronger connections. Education buyers can meet directly with over 500 EdTech solution providers for 15-minute meetings at Bett 2023.

New to networking? Get the most out of the event’s opportunities

  1. Identify and reach out to key contacts: Make a list of the people you’re most excited to talk to, think about how you’ll connect with them and what you’re looking to learn from the interaction. 
  2. Prepare a short intro about yourself and what you’re interested in: This will help to direct conversation. Don’t worry if you don’t stick to it but it’s great to practice how you introduce yourself. 
  3. Know how to follow up with your connections: If you’ve discussed a certain idea, follow up with meaningful thoughts to continue the conversation online. Notice which conversations sparked the most interest and develop these connections.
  4. Define what you are looking for and what you want to achieve before the event: Bett can be overwhelming so make a plan for three simple things you want to come away with. 
  5. Ask easy questions: If you’re not sure what to ask or how to spark interesting conversation, start by asking people what brings them to the event or who they’re trying to meet. This is an easy way to create conversation and uncover a mutual interest. 
  6. Have fun and enjoy making conversation: Don’t put pressure on yourself to pitch; having fun, laughing and making personal connections is all part of networking. 
  7. Enjoy the interactive stands: There’s always something new and exciting to try out at Bett!