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Project insights: Championing diversity, equality and inclusion through publishing

We were delighted to work with Pearson to promote the diversity of British history through the creation of an eBook about Dr Harold Moody.

We worked with Pearson on an eBook for classroom use, uncovering the life of Dr Harold Moody, a lesser-known activist who fought for racial equality.

Project Background: Creating an online booklet about Dr Harold Moody for Pearson

Pearson P.R.I.M.E is the voice of Black, Asian and Multiple Ethnic (BAME) colleagues at Pearson globally, committed to achieving equality for all. P.R.I.M.E has been looking at the hidden stories of historical Black individuals and making them known today. As part of that important initiative, Oriel Square worked with Pearson to reproduce a booklet about the life of Dr Harold Moody as a free online resource for key stages 2 and 3. 

Dr Harold Moody was a key British player in the campaign for racial equality in the 1900s, however, he is little known today. We valued the chance to work with Stephen Bourne and Pearson P.R.I.M.E to help shine a light on Black history. 

Our approach

Oriel Square worked with a multi-stakeholder team to complete this project, including the author Stephen Bourne, illustrators, Pearson P.R.I.M.E representatives, and a Pearson publisher and designer.

We assembled a team of experienced editors within a small time frame to oversee the development edit, copy edit, and all proof stages of the booklet.

What we delivered

The final PDF booklet gives an illustrated biography of Dr Harold Moody and finishes with a set of age-appropriate and curriculum-linked discussion questions for both KS2 and KS3 readers.

The eBook is freely accessible for primary and secondary schools to download and can be used as a classroom or extra-curricular resource.

Why work with us

1We champion diversity and inclusion in the education sector and are proud to help like-minded clients to further this mission.

2We have a versatile, well-trained in-house team who are confident in developing digital and print publications.

3We maintain the best network of education professionals in the industry so that we can always offer you real specialism, whatever the subject or format.