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Project insights: Cultural adaptation

Our client was publishing maths and science instructional materials for schools in the Middle East region on behalf of the Ministry of Education.

Oriel Square welcomes international work and is well-informed about the world’s education market. We were delighted to apply this experience, along with our expertise in publishing and project management, to this maths metrication project for the UAE market.

Project background: Maths metrication for the UAE market

Bringing our curriculum knowledge and experience of adaptation for global markets, Oriel Square took on the project to update the Assessment, Teachers’ Book and Students’ Book for grade 9–11 maths. The key task was to ensure that metrication had been done in both Arabic and English versions and with regard to the resulting maths or realism.

Our approach

Oriel Square commissioned a team of bilingual maths experts to review the material and make mathematical and cultural edits based on the local context. For each component, we compared the English and the Arabic versions for differences, including:

  • looking at any metrication to make sure it was sensible;
  • checking the answers;
  • looking for cultural requirements and style;
  • ensuring Arabic/English correspondence throughout the materials.

What we delivered

Within a tight timeframe, Oriel Square reviewed the material’s cultural, educational and linguistic appropriateness. The review covered five key areas: 

  1. Pedagogy, methodology, and curriculum coverage
  2. Design/ concept 
  3. Language level 
  4. Cultural issues for the local context
  5. Customisation

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Why work with us?

1Our international experience is always growing so we can lend our expertise and knowledge to publishing projects both in the UK and elsewhere.

2We stay up to date with education news and policy across the world, allowing us to take on projects efficiently without the need for extensive research.

3Our international network of education specialists, as well as an experienced in-house team, allows us to bring the right experience to every project.