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Series launch: EdTech Insights from Oriel Square and EdTech Publik

EdTech Publik and Oriel Square are collaborating to bring the global education technology community closer together. We know that the fast-paced world of EdTech can be difficult to navigate and we want to help.

In our EdTech Insights series, we will bring you articles and interviews from the front-lines of funders, entrepreneurs and leaders working to improve education. In the EdTech Insights series, we’ll be talking all things EdTech – from investment and transaction trends to what works in content, policy and innovation, through to who’s who.

All things EdTech 

  • Insider interviews 
  • Investment trends 
  • Impact and innovation 

Complex markets, shifting players, new sources of funding and the constant question of what works mean EdTech is a tricky business to get right.

We’re working with EdTech Publik at Hakeema to bring the global EdTech community the Edtech Insights series, designed to help support the global education community. We’ll bring you interviews and articles from the front-lines of the funders, entrepreneurs and leaders working to improve education as well as digests of the latest investments and innovations. 

Together we can turn on the lights on EdTech. 

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What’s inside?


The last decade has seen huge investment increases for education technology, which has promised much but not always delivered. Nathan Martin takes us briefly over these developments in the EdTech landscape.


With so many products now available, the choice of which to go for can be overwhelming for school leaders. Michael Forshaw of EdTech Impact talks us through why impact matters and what we can do to measure it to build on EdTech’s success.


For EdTech, this has been a year of opportunity laced with challenge. With more diverse users than ever before, inclusivity and accessibility are essential. John Deans looks at some systemic EdTech interventions in the wake of Covid-19.

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Next issue we’ll bring you a deep dive into trends in EdTech investment around the world, and hear from funding-recipients about their experience of the funding process and how they’ve capitalised on strong partnerships. 

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