• Trends in K-12 Education: A US Perspective

    Trends in K-12 Education: A US Perspective

    Catherine Cahn discusses current key trends in the US K-12 market, and how they’re impacting M&A and investment strategies.

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  • America, Land of Opportunity?

    America, Land of Opportunity?

    We are delighted to share insights and experiences from those involved with education across the globe in our October issue of Education Insights. This is a preview of an article from report #2: Trends in International Education.

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  • EdTech Insights: December briefing

    EdTech Insights: December briefing

    In our EdTech Insights series, we will bring you articles and interviews from the front-lines of funders, entrepreneurs and leaders working to improve education. We’ll be talking all things EdTech – from investment and transaction trends to what works in content, policy and innovation, through to who’s who.

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