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EdTech Insights: December briefing

In our EdTech Insights series, we will bring you articles and interviews from the front-lines of funders, entrepreneurs and leaders working to improve education. We’ll be talking all things EdTech – from investment and transaction trends to what works in content, policy and innovation, through to who’s who.

All things EdTech 

  • Insider interviews – We speak to LEGO Ventures, Owl Ventures, TwinklHive, Natterhub and the UK Israel Tech Hub.
  • Investment trends – What’s an EdTech funder looking for?
  • Impact and innovation – The start-ups accelerating and disrupting innovation in education.

This month’s briefing

What’s inside?


Funding makes headlines. It doesn’t matter if it’s a new seed round, valuation or exit, money generates noise. But what’s an EdTech funder looking for? What drives their decision-making? What does success look like? 

Nathan Martin talks to two of the major players: Rob Lowe, Head of Value Creation at LEGO Ventures and Tory Patterson, Managing Director at Owl Ventures.


Born out of Twinkl’s mission to help those who teach, TwinklHive is on a mission to accelerate and disrupt innovation in education by supporting EdTech entrepreneurs and equipping them with the tools they need to create meaningful impact. 

Hannie Kirkham talks to Hive Accelerator Manager Amber Jardine about the growth, aims and impact of Twinkl’s latest venture. Plus, we get an entrepreneur’s perspective from Manit Sareen, CEO at Natterhub – the first company to join the Hive.


EdTech is a high potential area for UK–Israel collaboration. Israel is one of the most dynamic aggregators of advanced technologies and is home to over 500 EdTech start-ups and accelerators.

Wayne Holmes and Elinor Honigstein talk us through the lessons they learned from the UK Israel Tech Hub‘s recent EdTech Event.

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