The secrets behind Oriel Square’s approach to project leadership

Discover the principles, behaviours and tools behind the Oriel Oriel Square approach to project leadership in educational publishing and content; Liz Cremona-Howard shares insights from our Project Leadership for Educational Content Delivery course.

Publishing Delivery Manager Liz Cremona-Howard held prior roles in-house at Pearson. With specialist expertise in leading complex print and digital publishing projects, Liz developed the content for our Project leadership for educational content delivery course.

What inspired you to create this course?

At Oriel Square we think hard about how to deliver the best educational products and services. We talk to our clients about it, and to each other. That’s why I wanted to share the tried-and-tested principles, behaviours and tools behind the Oriel Square approach to project leadership in this new course.

All our training is tied to our active experience and expertise: we practise what we teach. I’ve worked in educational publishing for more than a decade, including as an editor and publisher at Pearson.

Why should busy publishing professionals join this course?

Our project leadership approach is what sets us apart from our competitors, and is a key reason why professionals like you trust Oriel Square’s services. If you’re responsible for leading projects in the educational industry, join me on this course to learn how to lead print and digital projects effectively.

“You trust and have confidence in their process and expertise in doing things in the right way.”

 Managing Director of School Qualifications

You will discover best practices for project leadership in educational publishing that can be applied in your context straight away. Book today to take advantage of early-bird pricing. 

What makes this course unique?

This industry-specific course content has been jointly developed by me (Publishing Delivery Manager) and Oriel Square’s Head of People and Operations, Claire Gilbert, working in collaboration with Oriel Square’s Directors.

“They have enormous credibility … [and] strong publishing and market expertise, so straight away you feel reassured.”

“The course was personal, face-to-face and, most importantly, relevant to our business and our needs.”

Each course – sharing up-to-date best practices and delivered by our expert trainers – will give you the tools to start using what you’ve learned straight away. View upcoming dates.

Can you share key learnings your course will provide to busy education publishing professionals?

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • assess the scope, needs and risks of an educational content project
  • accurately estimate timings to produce a detailed and reliable schedule
  • create and maintain a project budget to ensure profitability
  • effectively manage and communicate with your team and other stakeholders.
  • solve problems, especially when working under pressure
  • identify what to do when the plan doesn’t go according to plan

You will benefit from an engaging, in-person and collaborative learning experience, with access to follow-up advice. Book today to take advantage of early-bird pricing.