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Elevate your educational insights with Oriel Square’s report subscription service

We’re excited to launch the Education Insights report subscription from Oriel Square.

Why we’re launching Education Insights reports

Everyone who produces content or provides services for teachers, learners, tutors, parents and others involved in education wants to make a difference by providing the most effective support possible. When we founded Oriel Square as an educational strategy, research and publishing services company six years ago, we could see that there was an appetite for accurate, timely and concise information about what’s happening now and what might be on the horizon in education. 

That’s why we’re launching Education Insights reports from Oriel Square, designed to aid strategic thinking, digest and disseminate current research, and share insights from teachers and industry experts.

Quarterly reports focusing on trends in the education market

Education Insights reports deliver critical market insights, trends and in-depth features on the educational content industry. A subscription includes our quarterly insights reports, plus the weekly Education Insights newsletter and exclusive events offers. 

Our series of independent reports kicks off with ‘AI in Education: Empowering teachers and schools through enhanced educational content.’ This free inaugural issue – released on the 19th of July – shares exclusive insights into teachers’ use of AI and explores how AI technologies can support educational content development. Read the full report for free here

What sets Education Insights apart?

Critical market insights tailored to help you and your team stay ahead of the curve by digesting current trends and forecasting what is on the horizon. 

In-depth features that explore key markets and innovative solutions, and highlight the most important research happening in schools and universities, and in the wider education industry.

Designed with you in mind: everyone who produces content or provides services for teachers, learners, tutors and parents wants to make a difference by providing the most effective support possible. Education Insights reports are designed to fuel strategic thinking within your organisation and help you make informed decisions. 

Insights from educators: Our reports share the invaluable perspectives and experiences of those on the front lines of education.

To celebrate the launch of Education Insights we’re offering an exclusive introductory offer, saving you up to 40% on an annual subscription. Shape your strategic initiatives and empower your teams with the market intelligence of Education Insights reports. Sign up here to take advantage of this early-bird offer. 

To bring the expertise of the Education Insights team to your business, contact us about our bespoke research services

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